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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My Blogging Day

Wake up at the crack of noon.
Look at my pitiful sitemeter traffic.
Go through the news stories to find something amusing.
Go to Wizbang, cuz they rule.
Go to anyone who is recently updated on my blogroll.
Heap scorn upon Will Franklin for getting this blogging thing right the first time.
Limbaugh, Hannity, Hewitt, Savage, Batchelor, Curtis & Kuby, John Gambling, repeat daily.
Blog the first pithy snark I can think of.
Wish I was Mark Steyn. Or Lileks. Or Krauthammer. (P.S., Well, maybe not Krauthammer).
Forget all this stuff and immerse myself in my fantasy world of catgirls.
Listen to Dan practice drums, because I have no choice but to listen.
General Tso's chicken, delivered.
Spend time writing a long draft post that I end up not using.
Desperation sets in, look for good photos to post.
Go to DU, fume.
Remember that this blogging thing actually is a lot of fun.
Wish Glenn Reynolds knew I existed.
Pick a hot topic that I can surely use to trackback on someone's traffic (OTB and Wizbang are good victims).
Read my blog and admit to myself that yes, I am in the tank for Bush.
Do more drawing, because I actually love it more than blogging.

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