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Monday, April 25, 2005

The Dems Blink First

In the further saga of judicial nominations, Captain's Quarters notes that Frist and Reid are now engaging in negotiations to get most of the blocked nominees onto the floor for a vote, while preserving the filibuster. If the democrats are so confident of their position on filibusters, and expecting to reap supposed political benefits from defending it, why are they trying to cut a deal? I sense weakness here. The dems are blinking, and have finally figured out that they are but one or two steps away from political suicide. They are afraid that their bluff is about to be called, and they are scrambling to avoid it. If Frist were smart, he will keep pushing. If he were smarter, he would push the dems to the wall and get additional concessions. Let's see if Frist is, in fact, smart.

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