/* Am I A Pundit Now?: Kerry: Down But Not Out?

Monday, April 25, 2005

Kerry: Down But Not Out?

I hate to be writing about John Kerry again because I write about him every time he sends out one of those mass email gaffes, it makes it seem like I have some fixation on a guy now rendered almost entirely irrelevant to american politics. Unlike Hillary, of course, whose star is rising. So I should be writing about Hillary then, right? Losing presidential candidates like Kerry are like those bygone teams of old that had great seasons, but then lost in the World Series. They have sentimental value, they mark a certain place in time. Except with Kerry I can't quite count the guy out. He is still campaigning, and he didn't lose much of a step after Bush beat him. He looks vigorous. Kerry seems more intent on advancing ideas, albeit awkwardly, than whining too much about how his victory was stolen by Diebold. Don't forget, there was once another odd duck named Nixon that lost the first time also. Outside the Beltway picks up on a great story about Kerry's seriousness in running again in '08. Maybe Kerry's "dagger eyes" shows how serious he would be about trying to demolish Hillary. OTB is a great blog by the way, a daily must-read. Just sayin' . . . Hillary v. Kerry debates would be worth good money to watch I think. Oh for god's sake, what if they ended up together on the 2008 ticket? I literally got a chill as that thought hit me.

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