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Monday, April 25, 2005

There Is Some Justice After All

The U.S. has completely exonerated the soldiers that fired upon the car carrying italian propagandist Sgrena to freedom. The article above also states that Sgrena is an 'award-winning' journalist. Where did she get her award, I wonder? I Googled to find that out, and lo and behold! the first link is to Kos, where we get this gem:
Was she targeted in the shooting? Certainly, it appears the American version of the episode is not true. This Tehran Times piece raises serious questions . . ."
and this Tehran Times piece goes on to say that 'Giuliana had information, and the U.S. military did not want her to survive.' The idea that this batty marxist ever had information that the U.S. wanted to stop was ridiculous on its face, and of course Sgrena's great 'secret' amounted to nothing. Kos stated that the 'american version of the episode is not true' before any investigation had even begun. And then within a day or two of that post, Sgrena was exposed to the entire world as a buffoon and liar when her self-conflicting versions of impossible events were made public. I don't go to Kos regularly, because I don't like following that white rabbit down the hole. Every frickin' time I go there I am confronted with ill-crafted lies and wilful stupidity. Good, it keeps the leftists ignorant and incapable of dealing with reality. But that doesn't mean I have to go there. Postscript: as usual when confronted with the inane Left I got myself into a froth, and then didn't finish looking for Sgrena's supposed awards. It was probably only the 'Karl Marx Medal of Freedom' or some such anyway. Woops! Meant to put a link back to the OTB Beltway Traffic Jam. Hope they didn't de-trackback me.

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