/* Am I A Pundit Now?: Syria Completes Lebanon Pullout

Monday, April 25, 2005

Syria Completes Lebanon Pullout

Reuters is reporting that Syria's intelligence has left Lebanon, which almost completes the Syrian pullout. I am sure Kofi Annan will take all the credit for this. But the credit goes to George W. Bush, the Lebanese people, and Bashar Assad. Yes, why not give Bashar Assad a little bit of the credit? He could have dragged his feet, he could have made excuses for not pulling out, he could have piled more troops into Lebanon instead of removing them. The Taliban were given the option of turning over Osama bin Laden to avoid conflict with the United States. They stupidly shunned this deal, and the Taliban exist no more. Saddam Hussein was given the option of complying with the myriad resolutions against his regime to avoid conflict also, but instead he decided to play games. Now he is absolute ruler of a 10 X 14 cellblock. Bashar Assad is a man who apparently knows his limitations, and has wisely spared us all the drama of brinksmanship in Lebanon. Assad is still a tyrant and his time will come. But give the man a little credit for not being completely myopic.

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