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Friday, April 22, 2005

Kerry To Kettle: "You're Black"

John Kerry wants you to know that a line has been crossed:
- The line that says a leader in the House of Representatives should never carelessly threaten or intimidate federal judges. - The line that says a leader in the Senate should never accuse those who disagree with his political tactics of waging a war against people of faith. - The line that says respect for core constitutional principles should never be undermined by a political party's quest for power. - And, most important of all, the line that says a political party's leaders should never let their obsession with amassing power overwhelm the needs and interests of America's families.
Pardon me, but isn't the filibustering of judges precisely the type of damage to the Constitution that Kerry is complaining of here? And in the name of an 'obsession with amassing power' on top of it? In Psych 101 we called this 'projection' John. The filibustered nominees usually wear their faith on their sleeves, which is precisely what makes the filibuster a 'war against people of faith'. It seems Kerry knows himself all too well here. Added trackback to Outside The Beltway's Beltway Traffic Jam.

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