/* Am I A Pundit Now?: Michael Savage: Deport Ramsey Clark

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Michael Savage: Deport Ramsey Clark

Savage played a clip of Ramsey Clark saying he was disturbed over the photos of Saddam Hussein with disheveled hair, graying beard, with a hand in his mouth (looking for a cyanide capsule, maybe?) Ramsey Clark's concern for Saddam is certainly touching. Sick, sociopathic and ignorant, but also oddly touching. Clark has offered to represent Saddam at his trial. Michael Savage said Clark should be disbarred, executed, then deported. Well no not really, I added the executed part, but it sounds like something he would say. Just writing this because I always find it amusing when Savage demands the deportation of american citizens. To where, Puerto Rico? Update: Savage also said that Bill O'Reilly is promoting Jane Fonda's book in order to suppress sales of 'Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder'. I leave it to you to figure out if this is plausible or not.

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