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Friday, March 25, 2005

UN Says Hariri Crime Site Tampered With

A UN report regarding the investigation into former Lebanese premier Rafik Hariri's death called it a 'coverup', but would not go so far as to blame Syria for the assassination.
" . . . there was evidence Syria's president threatened Hariri with physical harm and that the Beirut government showed a lack of commitment to finding out who killed him, bungling and outright manipulating the investigation. . . " " . . . The report says there was a "distinct lack of commitment" by the authorities to investigate the crime, and it detailed a host of flaws, including the disappearance of crucial evidence and tampering with the scene of the blast. Parts of a pickup truck were brought to the scene, placed in the crater and photographed as evidence, it said. . . " " . . . The proof is that the wreckage of the car was found in the sea near the site and was retrieved by divers from the international experts . . . "
Who do the Syrians blame? Why, the UN of course! Security Council resolution 1559, calling for Syria's complete withdrawal from Lebanon, led to a 'polarization' and decline in the political climate in Lebanon that ultimately caused Hariri's death. I thought Syria was in Lebanon to provide 'security'. Obviously, they are bunglers in that department. Just as an aside, some months ago there was a mysterious 'terrorist bombing' in Damascus that exploded in an abandoned building and harmed no one. Speculation was that this 'attack' was a ruse by Syria to garner some sympathy in the global war on terror. I just can't help but think that it somehow had something to do with Hariri's assassination. A practice run, perhaps?

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