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Monday, March 21, 2005

The Fed Intrudes To Save Schiavo

I am amused that finally, at long last, the leftists have awoken to discover that the federal government 'intruding' into something might be a bad thing! I am speaking of the Terri Schiavo case, which I have been trying to avoid writing about. I don't like it when the media focuses on one case such as this, as if Schaivo is the only person in the world going through something like this. Much like the Scott Peterson murder trial - as if this was the only case where someone murders their spouse. But it does amplify one point however - the Left claims to care about 'the people', but refuses to care about one person. I suspect that the claims that hard cases make bad law, that congress should not craft a law to protect one person, etcetera and so on are all probably correct. I have not read the laws or case opinions on this, so I do not know nor have an opinion of my own. But I can imagine many other people sitting in their chairs, watching the debates on this issue, listening to the arguments against saving Schaivo, and wondering how we and our government have come to this: that the proper functioning of our government dictates that this innocent and defenseless person must be starved to death?? Just for the record, I am an atheist. My concerns for Schaivo have nothing to do with religion. They have everything to do with decency, however. Since when do democrats and the Left care about federal intrusion into every aspect of our lives anyway? The federal government is nothing if not a gargantuan organization dedicated to intruding into your life. What is one more little intrusion, if it can save a life . . . ?

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