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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Lileks Be KWAZY Man.

"There's a Pier One in the strip mall. I went there last Saturday. On the way in I noted a store next door: EQ Life. When I was checking out I asked the clerk what the store was all about. She shrugged: I dunno. You dunno? I wanted to say. How incurious to have to be not to wonder what that gigantic new store next door is up to? What if they've perfected a ray that makes your brains run out your ears, and any second now they will drill through the walls, stick in these spooky little electrodes that would make this high-pitched sound, like eeeeEEEEE which would be the last thing you heard before you fell, uncomprehending, to the floor? Then come the mincing machines! Little skittery things that run along the floor digesting organic matter! What if that's what they're up to?"
I just love a guy who is not afraid to write this kind of stuff.

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