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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Kos: "We're The Majority"

Oh yeah, you're the majority. Which is why John Kerry is in the White House now, right? Here is my favorite comment from the thread:
"Bush has stolen 2 national elections in a row. He stole them outright. He is a thief. A criminal against democracy. Also, a congenital and pathological liar, an international war criminal, a notoriously evil villian, and, futhermore, I personally do not like him. At all."
Wow, Bush is an evil villian (sic) ? Does he bark out orders while stroking a white persian cat in his lap, deep in his secret lair under a volcano? I also like the 'congenital liar' comment originally used by Bill Safire to describe Hillary Clinton. Apparently the commenter felt so stung by that, they decided to throw it at Bush. It is great that the Left thinks like this. As long as they are this daft, they will never win a damn thing.

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