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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Withering Away Of The Left

There have been anti-war rallies in the US and Australia (via Instapundit) against Chimpy McCokespoon for the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Well, then, these folks must be against democracy in Iraq, because that is what this war they hate has wrought. But then again, the Left is always against democracy, freedom, and human rights. They love Castro - even though he runs a brutal police state. To the Left, secret police, torture and executions are good things. Well, if they thought they were bad things they wouldn't support Castro, now would they. They defended Saddam Hussein - a man who killed so many of his own people, that he had to dig graves with bulldozers. Shades of the Third Reich - and yet the Left went to the mat for this guy. They laud the Palestinians - people who goad their kids into blowing up completely innocent people (and themselves) in discos and pizzerias. The Palestinians supposedy have 'grievances' over occupied land. They should have thought about that before they started a war against Israel and got their asses kicked but to the Left, this means absolutely nothing. The Left can only maintain their ranks by convincing new recruits that they have the correct philosophy and plan for mankind. Their ranks have been shrinking since their heyday in the 60's, because their ideas are daffy and have been proven wrong time and time again (remember how Reagan was going to 'start World War III'?). And so, what new recruits they have managed to get since the 60's are the absolute dregs of humanity - people impervious to facts, experience or common sense. There has been a great 'dumbing down' of the left due to these inverse-Darwinian principles. What you have left are the most hard-core Stupidistas of all. I find the Left to be fascinating. How can someone hold on to such patently silly views in the face of gale tides of evidence that they are wrong? What is the allure, the attraction? Like the poor they claim to represent, we will always have the Left with us. I think that certain way of looking at the world is hardwired into the brains of a small percentage of the population, and the same works for the far-Right as well. The Left is impotent, irrelevant and a self-parody. But, unfortunately, they can vote, so we need to keep an eye on them. If we don't, they might just vote Stalin-lite into office.

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