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Friday, March 11, 2005

Democracy From Above

There has been a lot of concern over the counter-demonstrations in Lebanon put on by Hezboallah/Syria - concern that the revolution is unravelling. Behind whatever is happening in Lebanon and/or Syria lurks a powerful trump card that Assad cannot stop the U.S. from using. The overwhelming might of U.S. airstrikes. This is Lebanon, after all, where that first step onto the slippery slope leads to a steep drop back into carnage and civil war. But behind every diplomatic feint and maneuver lies the knowledge, on all sides, that if Assad/Hezboallah pushes things too far, their forces will be decimated with impunity from above, without putting one of the 150,000+ coalition soldiers in Iraq at risk. It is hardly inconceivable that Bush would use them. Does anyone doubt that Bush the Warmonger is looking for another fight? Assad seems to be all too aware of this: "I am not Saddam Hussein" he urges. Assad is weak and will buckle when the heat is turned up. Bush should rattle the saber a bit, and again cash in on his 'say what I mean, mean what I say' style.

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