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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Kerry: Pathetic Vulture?

John Kerry is getting a lot of grief over an email he sent soliciting hardship tales from the families of soldiers during this time of war. Some of the letters people have been sending are hilarious -
My sister's husband served over a year in Iraq . . . [h]e is proud to serve, and we are proud beyond words of him and his sacrifices. And we are ashamed that you, as a US Senator and would-be president (that'll be the day), would be soliciting military families to give you sound bites for your personal political gain. Shame on you, you pathetic vulture. Release your Form 180." - from VodkaPundit.
Ouch. I think you are being a little hard on the vulture, Ward. Kerry is actually trying to work on legislation that would relieve some of the hardships on military families. One good idea in this email (Kerry sent one to me! He obviously doesn't know I voted for Bush) is to give military families who have lost a loved one more time to stay in military housing, from 180 days to one year. I can't disagree with that. Poor Kerry, even with good intentions he just comes off like a putz. P.S. Oh yeah, and John . . . SIGN THE DAMN FORM 180 already. Update: Betsy weighs in also.

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