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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bush Is Tanking

Recent polls of the president's popularity show that his numbers are in the tank, somewhere around 45% approval. Paul at Powerline blames it on gas prices, Terri Schaivo and the social security debate. All true I think. But, while this would be gravely damaging to most other presidents, I really think it does not affect Bush that much. He does not pay that much attention to polls, and he really does not let them affect his decision-making. He is Truman-esque. Truman was horribly unpopular during his second term (also during a war), but did not make decisions just so it would repair his popularity. He had a clear vision of what the presidency should accomplish, popularity be damned, and he acted on it. Bush too has this attitude. Far from being damaged goods like Clinton during his second term, Bush can actually strike out and do what he thinks is right without too much fear of public retribution. His poll numbers have hit a floor, they can't go much lower. Poll numbers are so ephemeral anyway, "this too shall pass", and as we go on to new events in the news his numbers could bounce up quickly. Not that he needs them to do so. Do the right thing, Mr. President, and you will in time be vindicated. If anyone has learned that, George W. Bush has.

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