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Monday, April 11, 2005

Please, God, Someone, Stop This Woman

Lots of Hillary buzz lately. Apparently she is having some success recasting herself as a centrist. Noting that Kerry paid a price for his votes on late-term abortions, she saw a need to 'moderate' her views on life (though note how studiously she avoided the Schiavo affair - Hillary has a talent for disappearing when necessary). Drudge has a story on a book coming out about Hillary that Ann Lewis described as a 'swift boat attack'. No doubt the book will be described as 'financed by the wealthy republican attack squad'. As if that is a bad thing. Other than this, what can the republicans do about her? Not much for now, though the republicans have started churning the waters. Her 2006 chances in New York look excellent, Giuliani having stated he won't run for senate next year. Who will they put up against her, Rick Lazio?? My prediction still stands however, she will not get the nomination in 2008.

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