/* Am I A Pundit Now?: Democrat Corruption Piling Up

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Democrat Corruption Piling Up

I am trying to track down a story that Nancy Pelosi was given a free trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico by a lobbyist. It would not surprise me, given Nancy Pelosi's past corruption: she was hit with a $21,000 fine by the FEC for funneling over $100,000 in illegal contributions to dem candidates during her bid to become minority leader. Pelosi also channeled $3 million of your tax dollars to a non-profit organization whose president then donated money to her PAC. And don't forget Hillary Clinton's corruption: Hillary Clinton's campaign finance director was indicted for falsely reporting the cost of a dinner and concert at $400,000, when the event actually cost over 1.1 million. Tom Delay looks like a fine upstanding citizen compared to these two.

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