/* Am I A Pundit Now?: Italian Journalist versus Occam's Razor.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Italian Journalist versus Occam's Razor.

Spoiler alert: the Razor wins. The discrepancies between the story told by italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena and that of the guards at the checkpoint that fired upon her vehicle seems very wide, but perhaps Solomon can split the baby with Occam's Razor. Outside the Beltway asks a great question: 1. The rescue team, speeding away after their escape from Sgrena's captors, was rapidly driving toward a U.S. checkpoint. Because of language barriers, adrenaline, fear, darkness, and the fog of war, the driver failed to see or understand the soldiers' signals. The soldiers, fearing it was a terrorist attack, shot at the vehicle. 2. The U.S. government, irritated because one of its few Iraq War allies in Continental Europe ransomed a hostage, decided to teach them a lesson by staging a massacre, heedless of the inevitable diplomatic fallout. Which of these seems more plausible? The question answers itself. Update: According to the left, the Sgrena episode proves that Eason Jordan was right. Um, if Jordan was right, why did he resign . . . ?

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