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Friday, September 02, 2005

Hey, Katrina Crackpots, S.T.F.U.

I am saddened and disgusted by the knee-jerk carping in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Just disgusted. It is absolutely ghoulish to be flinging blame when the recovery has not even really begun yet.

Of course radical Islamists see this storm as God's revenge. So do some radical Christians. Well, at least saying God caused it is placing blame where it belongs, so to speak.

This following parade of clowns has no such excuse:

Kevin Drum says it is the fault of conservatism. I used to respect this guy.

The Huffington Post is of course attempting to corner the market on all obnoxious blather, starting with the Queen Of All Twits herself, Arianna. Her Highness blames the disaster on the Iraq War.

One of her Mediocre Minions chimes in with one of the most vapid and brainless rants ever uploaded to the internet.

Wow, here is a HuffPo blogger you have actually heard of! Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.unfortunately is given a platform simply because of his name, which he sullies by blaming Bush for the disaster.

Meanwhile in Europe, Green Party member J├╝rgen Trittin blames the disaster on our failure to ratify the Kyoto Protocols.

Wait, it gets worse! Randi Rhodes says that Bush wants to use Katrina to kill Democrats.

I have just one message for these people:

Ken Says: I hereby place this image into the public domain - please copy it and distribute it liberally.

Also, just yesterday I told Will Franklin that it was too early to try and drain this cesspool, but while blog surfing last night my own mental levee just sorta broke. I couldn't take it anymore. Sorry Will for breaking my quasi-pledge to you, but a kind of grief and anger took over. This is not the America and the world I thought I knew.

Update: I see Chrenkoff put together a better list than I did.

Linked to Outside the Beltway's Traffic Jam.

Update II: Patrick Ruffini shows us that the insanity has infected the Democratic National Committee. Not the Democratic Underground, but the DNC itself. Unbelievable.

Update III: Captain Ed is challenging bloggers to hold off from partisan bickering for a while. CQ is my favorite blog right now, and as much as I respect the Cap'n I am afraid I cannot abide. Here is what I wrote in the comments:

As much as I admire the sentiment behind your idea to hold off on any partisanship, I cannot simply stand by and let the other side paint our President as an incompetent--or worse--without fighting back. I refuse to cede the ground to those who would plant this meme. I refuse to go back to the old days when the leftists could put out any dishonest message they liked without having it challenged.

I challenge them on their bogus assertions-- and the ugly strains of racism, conspiracy theories and corporate greed now cropping up like weeds need to be exposed as the quackeries they are before they choke the discourse completely.

I refuse to hand them the debate agenda.

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