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Sunday, August 28, 2005


"God made all Men, Samuel Colt made them equal."

Gunpowder, and the cheap arms that use it, is one of the great levellers of history. It devastated the feudal system that depended on the expensive arms, armor and training of the feudal knight.

It gave power to the people.

Blogs are the information age equivalent of gunpowder - blogs are the great equalizers that are tearing down the gates controlled by the elites.

What is the entry cost of starting a blog? Nothing. Not one penny. It costs nothing to maintain a blog, or make it grow. It has been said that the freedom of the press belongs to those wealthy enough to afford one. No longer. Blogs are extremely democratic, in that there are no barriers to entry, and all are welcome to try their hand at it.

Not only are blogs democratic, they are also an inherently 'conservative' device, in that the blogosphere is a strict meritocracy governed by the laws of the market. You can only gain traffic and spread your memes if you write something worth reading. Whether by entertaining, informing or outraging their readers, bloggers have to fight for traffic.

When you get rid of the editors and the marketers standing between the reader and the writer, you see the real face of whoever it is communicating with you. Far from pretending to be objective, bloggers make a point of coming at you with a certain attitude. And so the the difference between a top-down, inauthentic elitist philosophy such as liberalism compared to the bottom-up, real philosophy of conservatism becomes clear. I will put the quality, sincerity and readability of the big rightwing blogs up against the leftwing blogs any day. No contest - Captain's Quarters, Powerline, Vodkapundit, Volokh, and Instapundit simply blow leftists like Atrios and You-Know-Who out of the water. I defy anyone to make the case otherwise.

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