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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Who Hates Hillary?

Via Patrick Ruffini we find a Kos Kid poll, 'Who Do You Hate In '08' querying visitors about their least favorite dem candidate in '08.

Guess who is winning/losing? That's right - Her Majesty, Hillary Clinton.

What a dilemma for poor Hillary. She has a choice of either alienating the Democratic base and the 'grassroots' folk who actually raise a lot of money, or embracing a liberal ideology that doesn't have a chance in hell of actually winning.

Ruffini also points out Hillary's new alliance with Rupert Murdoch of all people, which has another Kos Kiddie all upset too, quoth - "Hillary, the pro-war neocon (see her speech to AIPAC; it's on her website) is nothing less than Joe Lieberman in a pants suit."

Hillary is a 'neocon'? Compared to Noam Chomsky, maybe.

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