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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Heroes On The Right

. . . and heroes on the left.

Betsy Newmark posted her 12 favorite people on the right 'including politicians, pundits, bloggers and media people.'

How about your favorites from the right and left, of all time?

Mine goes something like this - righties:
Ronald Reagan
Max Stirner
Ludwig von Mises
Charleton Heston
Margaret Thatcher

Harry S Truman
Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Christopher Hitchens

. . . and uncategorizable:

Friederich Nietzsche

. . . and my favorite of all time is Abraham Lincoln. But is he right, or left? I haven't even tried to add the collective Founding Fathers to this list - they are not mere mortals to me anyway.

The commone themes for me here are courage, genius or cojones. Thus, Lincoln is first followed by Reagan because they had the most of all three.

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