/* Am I A Pundit Now?: NARAL Succumbs To Truth

Friday, August 12, 2005

NARAL Succumbs To Truth

Apparently NARAL is withdrawing its repugnant ad attacking Judge Roberts.

This, my friends, is a victory for the Factual Revolution.

Not so long ago, this ad would have gone unchallenged. The most a conservative could do in protest was write a letter to the editor of their paper hoping it gets published, or hope that lone conservative pundit George Will talked about it on tv.

Now, blogs and talk radio can call down a firestorm of outrage against the lying demagoguery that liberal interests so routinely engage in. Such protests get results, because now Democrats can no longer duck the question of whether they agree with such messages.

This will not prevent fringe groups like NARAL from trying such tactics again. They have no other tactics. Other more reasonable tactics, such as telling the truth, are anathema because the truth is not exactly helpful to their cause.

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