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Monday, August 08, 2005

Defending Dean

I am kinda dense in a lot of ways and so I missed the Conservative Blog Taxonomy when it came out, oh, nearly a WEEK ago.

But I gotta respond to it because of a few things that are just wrong with that notorious post.

First off, Volokh gets criticised for 'flashes of viciousness'. News to me. The guy seems sober as a judge and not given to fly off the handle. My guess is that I read Volokh more regularly than this blogger, and I have yet to see him write anything remotely 'vicious'. Note too that fellow Volokhian David Bernstein posts about the Conservative Blog Taxonomy also, but not to defend Volokh, but rather to point out the rather brusquely intolerant way Michelle Malkin was treated, complete with reference to her anatomy.

And then there is the part about Dean:

Dean Esmay is popular among right-wingers as one of those centrists who just happen to hate liberals and Democrats. A proud dry drunk, he works out his unresolved childhood issues of being raised in a union household by writing about his crackpot theories on HIV/AIDS, feminism, and capitalism."
First off, a moonbat blogger complaining about another blogger's 'crackpot theories' is a bit rich don't you think? And note this disturbing new trend among 'tolerant' liberals toward harping on the perceived personal weaknesses of those they would otherwise defend (such as those in addiction recovery, or ahem, such as protecting the sexual identity of homosexuals - unless they are conservative journalists).

I don't think Dean hates liberals and Democrats. He would tell you if he did - he posts on the concept of hatred itself and he admits he does hate. Dean is the most intense blogger I know, on a wide range of subjects. Go forth, and participate: I think Dean also has the best comments in the blogosphere.

Update: Gah, no sooner do I post this, than I see that Dean himself is responding to these ridiculous attacks on him.

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