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Friday, August 05, 2005

Plame Game Who's Who

Kevin Aylward at Wizbang is taking a lot of grief from newly-minted liberal security hawks over his posting on Joe Wilson's "Who's Who In America" entry.

The entry of the 2003 edition lists Valerie Plame as his wife, but fails to mention that she worked for the CIA. Ergo, it is irrelevant to the case, or so the Bush opponents say.

Or is it? It seems odd that a 'covert' operator would use either her married name or her maiden name - not much of a cover really. Add this to the fact that she drove through the gates of CIA headquarters every day to go to work, yes, at a desk. Link her name to a former ambassador (through the Who's Who, of course) and you have pretty much uncovered Steed and Mrs. Peale.

What the die hard believers in the "Rove is a criminal" camp fail to see here is that this entry in the Who's Who is not dispositive of anything by itself. It is but another brick in the wall of shame Joe Wilson has built for himself. However, Wilson's grandstanding may well have brought someone, who knows who, to investigate Wilson and do a little background research on him. If they come across the ubiquitious Who's Who In America, the entry there has his wife's full maiden name, along with their anniversary date. A little investigation into her, then, and it apparently becomes very easy to find out she works for the CIA, judging by the number of people without security clearances in Washington that knew this long before Novak ever 'outed' her.

In any event, a listing like this in such a common book is more inculpatory than exculpatory as far as Wilson's integrity goes. Why link your 'covert operator' wife's name to yours, if you are an ambassador? Ambassadors and the CIA are often considered to be the same thing . . . why erase all doubt?

Ken Says: I think the vociferous nature of the comments on Kevin's post really shows how much the left has invested in this whole thing. Watch out for Post-Non-Indictment-Stress Syndrome among a lot of people if Fitzgerald doesn't deliver something.

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