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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Iraq Is No Bosnia

Via Dean Esmay, and via AMERICAblog we find some quotes of Republicans against the war in Bosnia collected by the Blog-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

This is somehow supposed to be a damning indictment of Republicans who are now hawkish on Iraq, committing the ultimate sin of hypocrisy. I am not sure this cuts in favor of the liberal opponents of the war however. These are much the same folk that were leading the cheers for Clinton's war - why are they any less hypocritical for now being anti-war? Isn't this list of quotes an admission that liberals now are no more honest about their concerns than Republicans were then? Isn't that tantamount to saying the entire thing is about politics and nothing else? They doth protest too much, and this list of quotes is also an admission that these types of criticisms are finding their targets.

Big, huge, whopping, critical difference between the Bosnian war and the Iraq war: the Iraq war is necessary for national security, economic and humanitarian interests, while the Bosnian war was of questionable value in saving lives and served absolutely no national security interests whatsover.

Not even the Europeans thought it worth lifting a finger over.

Ken Says: I was opposed to the air war in Bosnia because I didn't think it was our war to fight. At the very least our NATO buddies could have chipped in with a few goddam air strikes of their own - it still rankles me how useless the Europeans are when it comes to such things.

But, when the war started I shut the hell up, supported the troops and our President. Just what any decent American would or should do.

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