/* Am I A Pundit Now?: North Korea Preparing For Nuclear Test

Thursday, May 05, 2005

North Korea Preparing For Nuclear Test

There is 'wide agreement' in the intelligence communities that North Korea is building a tunnel for an underground nuclear test similar to one built by Pakistan for its 1998 test.

All that is missing so far are the electronics necessary to measure the effects of the blast.

What will happen if NK actually does detonate a bomb? Not much, I expect. The administration has stated it is purposely downplaying these test preparations, to limit Pyongyang's ability to cause panic. I understand this rationale, but will the White House respond the same way when they actually detonate a nuke? If the administration just goes "ho hum, not a big deal" then the public might just accept it as if it were a natural development.

I suspect that the press reaction too will be a combination of "no big deal" and "it is all George W. Bush's fault." Did the press blame Bill Clinton for India's and Pakistan's nuclear tests in 1998? Of course not. Does the press remind its readers and viewers that it is likely North Korea had a nuclear device before George W. Bush was even president? Of course not. The MSM will merely repeat Hillary Clinton's statement that this all happened on George Bush's watch, as if that is all there is to it.

Would Hillary have approved of a pre-emptive strike to prevent this from happening? Of course not. Typical democrat, all nagging, no solutions.

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