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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Pulling A Swift(boat) One On Hillary

We haven't heard too much - yet - about Hillary's problems with David Rosen, her campaign finance director under indictment.

Fear not. The idea that Hillary is corrupt is starting to take root. This is a little seedling meme that will grow and bloom gloriously over time.

If anything, this story is coming out way too soon. Karl Rove should have waited a year at least (yes Karl we all know you are behind it) to slowly open this story and drag it out over several months. One can just picture Karl standing in the darkness of the wings, pulling his fingers apart and mouthing 'stretch . . . stretch!' to his minion puppets onstage.

Yeah, this will be a 'Swift-boating' of Hillary, make no mistake. And it will work just as well, because this story too will have the power of truth on its side. Saying over and over again that the swift-boat veterans had been 'discredited' did not make it so. Hillary is an unindicted co-conspirator now, if Peter Paul is to be believed. Michelle Malkin introduces us to the Hillary Clinton Accountability Project.

And the New York Times article about HillCAP immediately tries to invoke right-wing conspiracy creepiness by by stating that Peter Paul is 'collaborating with a conservative group' to publicize the charges. Does the New York Times ever refer to, say, the ACLU as a 'liberal group'? We all know what the next play out of the DNC playbook will be: expect an all-out assault on this 'group', complete with charts of arrows and boxes and lines all pointing to Karl Rove.

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