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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bill Cosby Says Look In The Mirror

Let us assume that racism is rampant in the US. If you are black, how do you respond? Do you light a candle or curse the darkness?

Any racial minority that relies upon the goodwill of the majority to end racism will have a very long wait - but this is exactly what the professional race grievance peddlers would have them do. They do not want to solve the problem you see - they need the power that comes from channeling these grievances. Thus, they perpetuate the problem.

Cosby offers the solution. Success is not a shameful sell-out to the whites - success is the best revenge. If the racists say that blacks are not good at anything, is the proper response to recoil into a world of drugs, shortened life spans and violence, or to prove the crackers wrong?

Blacks are not inferior. Once you meet a few blacks that are smarter than you are, you will prove this to yourself.

Blacks are not held back by racism, Cosby is proof of that.

Blacks are held back by a self-imposed cultural straitjacket that says success is 'white', proper english is 'white' and respect for self and others is 'white'. Who is being cheated by this self-defeating ethos? Not the whites. I am sure the KKK supports this platform.

Cosby receives criticism it seems not so much for what he says, but that he airs this dirty laundry in public. Good. We all need to hear it. He is going about it the right way, and the controversy it has stirred is a testament to that.

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