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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Repo Man Stories

Every repossessor that works in that business for any length of time usually has at least one or two amusing and/or horrifying tales to tell.

Other than the time I got punched in the head while slowly driving my car through an open air drug market two blocks away from Argo High School in Summit, Illinois (and then chased out of the neighborhood with enough shattered 40 ounce glass on the back of my car that I needed to hose it off) I never had any tussles in the one year+ I was a repo man. My tow guy Anthony had a tussle though with a guy fresh out prison with slashes on his face who objected to us towing his Mitsubishi 3000GT, but somehow the two of them ended up staring each other down and we got the car without real violence. Those were the two worst situations I faced, neither was really horrible. (I got paid $600 to pull that 3000GT, the car had been missing for a couple years and the creditor put a nice bounty on it. Most money I ever earned in one day I think, for maybe 2 hours work).

The most horrible I have heard of though is a guy who worked for our same company who was shot by an ex-Chicago cop who was dying of AIDS and had dementia. The repo man drove off in the car and got himself to a hospital.

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