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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I'm A Little Bitch Today

Here are some samples of my little feedReader RSS reader that I made for people to try and get some interest. Okay, I am a link whore and was looking for some traffic (heh, especially from Glenn Reynolds). All I asked for was a link, and I would develop this little reader for them, for their site, FOR FREE. They could let people download it as a useful banner. Ya think it might get them some traffic? I emailed NRO, Malkin and Reynolds, but did I get a response? Did I even get a "nice effort, but not interested" . . . ? Is it THAT frickin' hard to send a one-line email, even if you are a bigshot blogger? Yeah I know I am a peasant and a nobody, but honestly I consider this to be rude - unless they took my email to be spam which is understandable maybe. But it isn't like I was asking them if they wanted to buy bulk V:IAG:RA.

The one that pisses me off the most is the NRO Corner one, because they could actually use something like this. And, I emailed K-Lo and Jonah Goldberg. Neither bothered to email me back. P.S. I also made one for Drudge, but he is not terribly internet savvy apparently and so I did not expect him to even know what this thing is. The man does not even appear to know what RSS is, in fact.

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