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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bonfire Of The Vanities - Week 94

Welcome! I am your Digital Savanarola for this week, hosting the blog-renowned Bonfire of the Vanities. Each week, the Bonfire links to the worst posts written by bloggers for the week. All of these links are self-selected by these bloggers as their worst posts of the week. So, how do we know these are in fact their worst posts???? Hmmm???? My friends, you will just have to visit these otherwise fine blogs and find that out for yourself. I would like to thank Kevin at Wizbang for the honor and privilege of hosting this week's Bonfire, and congrats to the Wizbangers on their recent second blogiversary (Vida Guerra, hubba hubba!).
When you can't think of a damn thing to write in your blog, just write about . . . penguins or something. Wait, make that gay penguins. Wait, gay penguins with bad Photoshopping. The excuse for this from Pirate's Cove? "I was bored, so sue me."

Hey, Mad Anthony, just because Birkenstocks are comfortable, doesn't make them right.

Will Franklin had high hopes for his commemorative stamps of George W. Bush visiting europe. I found the stamp of W. as Che Guevara especially appealing. However no one saw this post. "If you build it, they will come." Well, not in Will's case. Boo hoo, Mister Instalanche.
TechnoGypsy just wanted to chime in and say "I'm back!" but no one knew he was gone I think. And yes T.G. that IS a nice picture however.

Jay Allen - the Zero Boss. Hot or Not? The question that answers itself.

Here we have a great picture of Carpe Bonum going spelunking! Or bicycling! Hard to tell which! That grin does not look innocent. Yeah he throws in a bit about the Avignon Edition of the Carnival of the Vanities too (they rock, we suck).

Um, Donna, is there a rash of trig banditry out in the blogosphere somewhere? Should I be alarmed? (Pajama Pundits)

A wemma wopp a weema wopp a weema wopp a weema wopp IN THE JUNGLE, THE MIGHTY JUNGLE, THE LION SLEEPS TONIIIIIGHT . . . you know I never liked that song, but Dodgeblogium does for some reason.
This was actually a good post! And so was this one! Not one but two interesting posts sent to the Bonfire, which shows that RightWing Nuthouse doesn't quite *get* the whole Bonfire of the Vanities shtick. That's two demerits in one day for you, young man.

No, Brian, actually AOL is really not even amusing, let alone funny. Trust me, I know. Whatever gave you that idea? (Brian J. Noggle)

Ew ew ew more about marine biology than I wanted to know from Dr. Rusty Shackleford. At long last, have you no shame, sir?

Here is something scary that is going on at the Vatican right now according to This Blog Is Full Of Crap. But, that blog is full of crap, so who knows for sure.

Oh geez this is a not really work safe entry from Multiple Mentality. It is not safe sex, either. You have been warned.

We go from that, to this: flying headless insects from Boxing Alcibiades. Again, ew.

You know, bad blog posts are enough of a problem without folks like HamsterMotor actually trying to make bad posts.

There is such a fine line between enlightenment and sheer confusion. I think I know which one hit me while reading this post from Steve Pavlina.

Whose interview does Dodo David at Lifelike Pundits thinks you should read? Why, his own of course. "You're so vain, you probably think this blog is about youuuu . . ."

TFS Magnum thinks it is more important for government to spend money on criminal investigations than on museum exhibits. Filed under: Well, Duh.

Here is Avoiding the Tar Baby on precisely why Star Wars is going downhill. Depressing.

CrankyBeach then depresses me further with possibly moronic government regulations (redundant?).

I have read this entry several times from NewCounterCulture and still don't know what it means, if anything.

Interested-Participant got rejected from the Carnival of the Capitalists last week. Got rejected from Carnival of the Vanities as well. He didn't send me a working link to the post he wanted either, so he hit the trifecta - his article got dropped from the Bonfire of the Vanities. That is probably a new personal low. Please accept this consolation prize, and welcome back to the Bonfire.

Update: Buckley F. Williams of The Nose On Your Face did send me this post before the deadline, albeit with a bum link. Glad he got me the right URL, Fidel is such a hunk! XOXOXOX

So, where is your own Bonfire entry, Ken? You are looking at it, my whole damn blog. Not only is all the writing dubious (on several levels), I only got Firefox last week, and saw my blog in non-IE fashion for the first time. Gah! What a horror show. The tables were disjointed and needed a chiropractor. The rest just looked like garbage. I probably scared away any potential regular reader that uses Firefox.

To anyone I may have inadvertantly offended while writing this: good, you deserve it.

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And everyone, GO TELL PATTERICO you are pledging to defy FEC regulations on bloggers. Tell him Am I A Pundit Now? sent you. That is all.

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