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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Latest Odds On Next Pope

I think the smart money goes on Arinze. Arinze also probably has the views closest to that of John Paul II - and JPII was in office for so long, most of the cardinals in office now were his picks . . . Plus africa is one place where the catholic church is actually growing by leaps and bounds. Perhaps an african pope could do for africa what a eastern european pope did for eastern europe. He would not be the first black pope - he would be the fourth (going wayyy back to when much of the church's power came from north africa). Dionigi Tettamanzi (Italy) 11:4 Francis Arinze (Nigeria) 11:4 Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga (Honduras) 9:2 Joseph Ratzinger (Germany) 7:1 Claudio Hummes (Brazil) 9:1 Count Christoph von Schoenborn (Austria) 14:1 Again, via last night's John Batchelor Show.

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