/* Am I A Pundit Now?: Terri Schiavo, R.I.P.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri Schiavo, R.I.P.

|McCracken| well, Terri Schiavo just died |PeterSakievich| I saw that |McCracken| HAPPY NOW |PeterSakievich| what a bizarre human story |McCracken| yeah a real tragedy |PeterSakievich| in which there never was any real information from anyone |McCracken| yeah I still don't know what to believe |PeterSakievich| my mother was asking me what I thought |PeterSakievich| I told her I had no idea what to think |PeterSakievich| because none of info was solid |PeterSakievich| was she a pure vegetable or just brain damaged? |McCracken| god, if the pope and rhenquist die now I am going to freak |PeterSakievich|she was breathing and her heart was beating on it's own |PeterSakievich| as far as I understood |PeterSakievich| but thenagain..who knows |McCracken| yeah who is to say she wasn't conscious in there |PeterSakievich| her parents said she was |McCracken| there was no clear determination of that |PeterSakievich| her husband said she wasn't |PeterSakievich| and there was never any expert medical exam that was shown to the public |PeterSakievich| so.... |PeterSakievich| it's impossible to say |McCracken| the point is: you err on the side of caution |McCracken| correct? |PeterSakievich| well yeah |PeterSakievich| but since I have no involvement in the decision |McCracken| heh, can I post this conversation in my blog Peter? |PeterSakievich| sure

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