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Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Kossacks Attack!

Daily Kos has unleashed a blogstorm upon the head of Alan Greenspan. (via Protein Wisdom). Well, they wanted to unleash a blogstorm but it appears to be sputtering rather badly. So far the worst crime uncovered is that Greenspan read Ayn Rand. Democratic opposition efforts are just a fascinating thing. They have plenty of passion, bluster, and vitriol, but not much in the way of common sense. As with their campaign against Guckert/Gannon, the very choice of their target shows their ineptness. Once again they have chosen a target that no one cares about. Only a drooling moonbat would get exercised over an inscrubtable wonk like Greenspan. His crime? Daring to suggest that Bush might be right about something (private SS accounts).

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