/* Am I A Pundit Now?: A Little Triumphalism.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A Little Triumphalism.

God, it has been a joy and an honor to be republican-ish the last few months. Bush Wins! We are saved from the horrors of Massachusetts Liberalism writ large. The Bush Doctrine lives on. Bush Inspires. Bush's inauguration address capitalizes on his history of declaring his intentions quite openly, and following through on them. The address gets the attention of those it was aimed at. It feels just great to know that Bush actually believes this stuff. The Great Vindication. They said it couldn't, wouldn't, and perhaps even shouldn't happen, but the Iraqi elections do happen, as scheduled, just as Bush said they would. The Democracy Dominoes. The democracy meme is virulent and highly contagious in the regions in which it breaks out. Condi stepping out of The Matrix was a nice touch, too. After all the years of crap and garbage the left has thrown at Bush, having Bush win the election, and then having Bush be proven RIGHT (gasp!) is just too much fun to watch. It is a complete validation of my essential worth as a political animal. And it is even more fun to be able to indelibly affix the label 'I WAS WRONG' upon the forehead of every smug left-of-center armchair quarterback who knew, by virture of their superior blue state intelligence, that this Iraq thing was a quagmire for oil. Only chocolate and sex are better than knowing you're living history when it happens.

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