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Friday, March 04, 2005

Bring Back The War Bonds.

I often listen to Michael Savage online via KRLA - Los Angeles. Savage is just out of his mind. He has been accused of being an agent provocateur, out to make republicans look bad (on purpose). I don't buy it, I think he really is a crackpot. He really means it. His solution to the standoff in Fallujah, for example, was to nuke it. That's right, drop a tactical nuke on the entire city and erase it. But, he is a compelling radio personality (at least I think so) and is more fun than just about anyone. And today, he came up with a gem of an idea. The fed should sell war bonds. Manifold benefits: the US Treasury could sell them at ridiculously low interest rates, knowing that patriotic americans will buy them even if they offer virtually no interest; they will sell by virtue of the nostalgia these bonds offer for the last Good War, WWII; and best of all, it will impress upon the american people that the fed is selling warbonds because WE ARE IN FACT AT WAR. On the weird, off-chance that Savage ever reads this, Michael, babe, you rock. But you are a crackpot. P.S. What would the possible objections to war bonds be? I think the left would howl that they would be used to bait objectors to the war. After all, you aren't a good american if you don't buy war bonds . . . And if you are a really really good american, you would frame them and hang them on the wall instead of redeeming them.

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