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Monday, November 01, 2004

Why Kerry Lost Tomorrow.

I have great confidence in a Bush victory, confidence enough to elucidate here the reasons Why Kerry Lost Tomorrow. 1. Over-the-top Bush hatred. I think even alot of liberals got tired of this after a while. Bush just is not unlikable enough for most of this stuff to stick, and it made the democrats look like juveniles, unworthy of the privilege of serving in office. 2. Kerry himself. The man has no humor, no principles and no spine. Plus, he is not nearly as intelligent as he and his campaign would like you to believe - Exhibit A: the most inept campaign in several generations. Kerry ran this campaign, and nearly ran it into the ground. 3. Kerry's history. How a man who sold out his veteran brothers, met overseas with the enemy, and voted against the first Gulf War got nominated to run for president is a riddle wrapped inside an enigma. This demonstrates how corroded and rudderless the democratic party has become. 4. Kerry's gaffes. Kerry stuck his foot in his mouth so many times, it is amazing this election is still close. Kerry insulted our allies, insulted our would-be allies, insulted the Iraqi government, insulted veterans . . . and on and on and on. Here is a smattering of Kerry's greatest hits: global test, Mary Cheney, 'sensitive' war on terror, 'nuisance' war on terror. . . My favorite was Kerry's response to a debate question about stem-cell research, where he literally had a Ralph Cramden hominahominahomina moment. It was a textbook example of brainlock, right before our eyes. If this had happened to Bush, I would not have bothered to buy victory cigars today. 5. No positive message. The democratic party stands for two things, and two things only: hate Bush, and get power at any cost. FDR, Truman and the real JFK are rolling in their graves. 6. Teh-RAY-zah. They should have locked this crazy aunt in the attic after the Democratic Convention. 7. The Mainstream Media. With friends like these, who needs opponents. The backlash against the outrages of CBS, NYTimes, et. al., is responsible for a good 2-3% of Bush's support in my estimation. Evan Thomas, I think your theory of 5-15% support for Kerry was really a wash, all things considered.

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