/* Am I A Pundit Now?: Fourth Reich Exit Strategy.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Fourth Reich Exit Strategy.

I have trouble wrapping my brain around the concept that "Bush is Hitler". I mean, I understand how a leader with the power to crush dissent, round up minorities and invade foreign countries would be compared to Hitler possibly . . . Well it is the whole 'invade foreign countries' thing that invites the Hitler comparison mostly. But . . . the thing I have trouble have understanding is, if Bush is Hitler, and we are living in a crypto-fourth reich . . . then why are we talking about an exit strategy from Iraq? The whole concept of an 'exit strategy' seems entirely alien to the whole nazi schtick. I mean, we need lebensraum and cheap oil, do we not?? Then shouldn't we, as good imperialist fascists, be buying into Iraq and not selling out? And the insurgency? Well, was Hitler put off by Ukrainian partisans? Hmm??? Sure they are pesky, but damn, think about all that oil. If the opposition were to complain that it is the democrats alone that talk about the need for an exit strategy and not the republicans, well, doesn't this too make my point? Ahem, opposition, fourth reich? Can you even have those words in the same sentence? If, twenty years from now, we still have troops stationed in Iraq, it will no doubt be due to the sheer inert dead weight of government that sees to that. We still have troops in Germany and Japan, let us not forget.

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