/* Am I A Pundit Now?: HMX, RDX and JFK.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


Bravo, John Kerry. In his zeal to hurl anything, anything, against the president, Kerry stepped into the manure pile up to his neck. The 'bomb-gate' story hits the trifecta for Bush: it proves that Iraq had sophisticated weapons of mass destruction, it proves that at least one UN Security Council Member was actively helping Saddam hide these weapons, and it proves that Syria now has those weapons. The explosives HMX and RDX are not your average military charges. Supposedly, these types of explosives can be shaped into 'lenses' used to crush plutonium into critical mass and thus create a nuclear explosion. If true, this is rather disturbing in conjunction with the stories that Saddam had yellowcake uranium. Uranium is used to make the simpler type of Little Boy bomb that was used to destroy Hiroshima. Plutonium is used to make the much more sophisticated Fat Man implosion type device used to destroy Nagasaki. Saddam was pulling out all the stops, trying to develop both types of nuclear weapons. I wonder what other materials made their way to Syria. Here's a great roundup of the story thus far.

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