/* Am I A Pundit Now?: The Bush Markets Are Tanking!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Bush Markets Are Tanking!

Funny, just as Bush is solidifying his lead in the polls, and the 'missing' explosives story is blowing up in Kerry's face, the Bush futures market are falling fast. Both the Iowa Electronic Markets and Tradesports are falling rather precipitiously now, and Bush is down to where he was after the first debate. It seems that yet again there is manipulation here by one or several Kerry supporters. Now how pathetic is that. They are so desperate for success in some kind of poll, that they resort to playing with a futures market. If Bush wins, and these people will be out of a good bit of money, for what? To create the illusion that, suddenly, there is some kind of stampede out there for Kerry that somehow doesn't show up in the polls? If it dips much lower, I'd say buy!

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