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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Wake Up, Democrats.

Let's see if the democrats really want to get power back. If the democratic party continues on its present course, they will go the way of the Whigs. If they blame their losses on Karl Rove, Diebold voting machines, stupid duped american voters, etcetera, then they can expect more crushing failures. What do they need to win again? They need a complete and utter ideological overhaul. They need to come up with a platform other than 'republicans suck'. Their stance on homosexuality needs to be revised, for starters. No doubt many democrats will blame 'rampant homophobia' and the anti-gay marriage amendments in the battleground states for their loss. This does not demonstrate enlightenment on the part of the democrats, it demonstrates bigotry and flawed assumptions. Perhaps, just perhaps, opposition to gay marriage comes from a place in the human heart other prejudice. I, for one, an atheist, an anti-christian, and a person with no grudge against homosexuality, am also opposed to gay marriage. Marriage is an ancient human institution, older than law and government itself. Marriage is a bond between a man and a woman, period. It has always been so in every culture, and should remain so. The point of this diatribe is that democrats constantly ascribe the worst possible motives to the republicans on this and on many other issues, and then act upon those assumptions. As a result, the dems cannot capitalize on these issues effectively and pull the electorate away from the republicans. They need to stop whining. It is just so unattractive. Rather than constantly, constantly, focussing on the negatives, the democrats need to develop a sunny optimism. The democrats used to be the happy ones, fearing nothing but fear itself. They need to drain the fever swamps. "Cheney and Halliburton made Bush kill Iraqi babies and american teens to get oil." This kind of crap just needs to stop. No one in flyover country buys it. The democrats need to bundle up the Michael Moore wing of the party and send them to the Green Party. The sooner the better. I am an unapologetic republitarian, and keeping the neo-socialist democrats completely out of power for the next several generations will be just fine with me. Why then would I even deign to offer them advice on how to win? Because, I want an opposition that sharpens the issues, not one that just hurls invective. I want an opposition that offers candidates that even I might be tempted to vote for. Scoop Jackson, where is your heir? I want an opposition that fights for this country, not one that merely fights for power.

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