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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Pro-Lifers Worse Than Jihadists?

One of the saddest aspects of the domestic front on the War on Terror is the fact that a great many Americans see fellow Americans as a greater threat than al-Qaeda to the well-being of our nation.

For example, we now have liberals describing pro-life christians as an 'American Taliban'.

Case in point is Cynthia Tucker, in the article 'Right To Privacy Is True Target Of American Jihadists.'

One wonders if Cynthia Tucker knows anything about the real Taliban. I've got news for her. When it came to human rights under the Taliban, lack of access to birth control was pretty far down on the list of indignities. Try this one on for size: Cynthia Tucker would not be allowed to attend school under the Taliban regime. She would not be allowed to write for a newspaper. She would not be able to drive. She would not be able to dress as she liked in public or listen to music. Call me silly, but these seem to be far more fundamental abridgements of human liberty than the right to have sex without consequences.

Tucker is trying to shame the "extremist edge of the religious right," by pointing out to pro-life christians that they are behaving just like our hated enemies the Taliban.

This is how twisted and warped liberal thought has become. Pro-life christians overwhelmingly support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They believe in a republican form of government, and the freedom of speech. Tucker might be surprised to learn that pro-life christians actually believe in a secular government, and the freedom of religion. The real Taliban would not see a whisker's difference between Cynthia Tucker and a southern baptist as they made plans to blow them both up.

But, merely questioning settled law that abortion is legal makes them just like the Taliban. Only worse, because the Taliban are out of power many thousands of miles away hiding in the caves of Afghanistan. The American Taliban on the other hand, might be living right next door . . .

The silliest aspect of Tucker's analogy is that, apparently, before the Roe v. Wade decision came down in 1973, this nation was living under "something akin to Sharia, Quranic law that restricts women's rights."

How sad it must be to have one's worldview entirely focused through the distorted narrow prism of abortion rights. How sadder still it is to demonize so many of your fellow citizens based upon that view.

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