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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Why 'Am I A Pundit Now?'

It is a split decision in the blogosphere as to whether I am a pundit now or not.

A commenter at Wizbang has been calling me 'Not Yet A Pundit', so that is one vote nay.

Miller's Time says yea, so I guess it is undecided.

Well actually no. I am not a pundit, and that is why I named my blog what I did - a blogger does not necessarily a pundit make. A pundit is a serious person who does lots of research and cogitates and stirs the pot and comes up with serious reasoned answers.

Me, I just opine.

I don't want the responsibility of a pundit - I would have to be right all the time, or at least have lots of notes and research to paper over my bogus conclusion. Too constricting - not enough fun. And when it comes to blogging, I am all about fun, or venting.

P.S., I forgot to mention that I comment a lot at HuffPo, and there is someone there who calls themself Am I A Nazi Now? in my honor!


Kinda makes it all worthwhile. I have my own little pet troll now. I just hope it is housebroken.

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