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Saturday, June 11, 2005

What The Dems Need To Do

Well here is another little list, inspired by a very interesting conversation over at Dean's.

1. Stop dissing religious folk.
2. Stop whining and start suggesting solutions.
3. Stop pointing to big business as the enemy.
4. Attack Republican ideas, not Republicans.
5. Support the war in Iraq for as long as we need to fight it. We are going to be there anyway, why bitch and moan?
6. Don't reject tax cuts out of hand. At least pay lip service to the principal that people should get their money back if at all possible.
7. Don't make pro-choice a litmus test for party membership.
8. Come up with something better than open borders on immigration.
9. Be for more efficient government, not bigger government.
10. Grow a spine when it comes to foreign policy.

Honestly I think number two is the most important one here. People are fed up with the Democrats' constant harping on the perceived errors of the Bush administration, sometimes even when they agree with the criticism. Negativity, even when it is correct, is just such a turnoff and it drives people away. So much of it is history that cannot be undone in any event, and so the Democrats often sound like they are just refighting the Civil War.

Right now, it is hard to figure out what the Democrats are actually for.

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