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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Censure Durbin

Dick Durbin apparently got the apology thing right the second time around, after an embarrassing "sorry you were too stupid to understand me" apology last week.

Lots of folk are saying Durbin gave an adequate, and even heartfelt apology. That may be so . . . but Durbin still needs to be censured.

This is not at all for partisan reasons. Nor is it to 'get' Durbin and humiliate and embarass him. I for one would have far preferred he had never uttered his grotesque remarks than to have him damaged politically, as much as I disliked Durbin even before this debacle.

Durbin's status as a leading U.S. Senator is what enabled Al-Jazeera to capitalize on Durbin's witting or unwitting propaganda coup. The Senate can now use its status to undue a modicum of the damage Durbin has done, reminding the world that the real atrocities are being committed by our enemies, not us.

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