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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Thanks, Newsweek

"The American soldiers are known for disrespect to other religions. They do not take care of the sanctity of other religions," Qazi Hussain Ahmed, the Pakistani chief of a coalition of radical Islamic groups, said Sunday.'
Yes, as opposed to the famous tolerance and openness of muslims, I suppose.

Muslim nations, such as Pakistan, have laws calling for the execution of those who 'blaspheme' or 'insult' the Prophet. I always wondered about this. As if Allah, supposed creator of the universe, is such a simpering and insecure being that he can't stand a little criticism.

Christianity has advanced far beyond this rather primitive attitude I think. If you were to tear up and flush a bible, a christian would not be happy about it, but most christians would not think for a minute that you had sullied the real word of God. You can destroy the book, but that hardly destroys the message itself.

I get tired of these people that take their religion too seriously, and expect me to do so, also.

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