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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Concensus: Huffington Sucks

Well, the overwhelming sentiment is that The Huffington Post blows.

Hmm, jealous, MUCH????

Heh not really - judging from their comments I would say the following genuinely DO think Ariana's blog does suck:

Ann Althouse
Huffington's Toast
Huffington Is Full Of Crap
Nikki Finke (Heh, one of the more thorough takedowns of anything I have read online).
Stephen Green

I am more in agreement with Jack Shafer at Slate, who is still intrigued by the HuffPost. It is too early to tell what the real character of the Huffington Post will be, that will take time, and again it could really provide a lot of great entertainment, both intentional and otherwise.

Matthew Yglesias was non-committal . . . but he is on the blogroll, so we can't blame him for rooting for Huff!

Ken Says: well I for one AM jealous. But no link for you, Ariana! Not until you give ME one . . . as if.

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