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Friday, May 13, 2005

Hitler The Left-Winger

The Left always points to Hitler as a 'warning' of what out of control conservatives will become.

Hitler is considered to be 'right wing', but I fail to see how this is so.

Hitler's party was the National SOCIALIST Party. Socialism was not some afterthought for him. Hitler saw national socialism as a purer and improved form of socialism, purged of its bolshevik and jewish ideas.

Hitler was not 'conservative' - he was revolutionary. He was not trying to consolidate the old german ways, he tried to come up with an entirely new worldview to compete with the new worldview of Marxism.

If anti-semitism makes Hitler conservative somehow, the bolsheviks were not far behind. The purges of Trotsky and other jews in leadership positions, the unabated pogroms under both Lenin and Stalin, and the 'jewish doctors' plot' show that communism is hardly immune from racism and anti-semitism.

Hitler was no arch-capitalist either. Hitler was not beloved by Germany's industrialists. Most were distrustful of Hitler, and saw him as a naive and inexperienced political agitator. Only Fritz Thiessen, who was senile, openly embraced Hitler's ideas.

Hitler made a fetish of militarism, and this somehow makes him 'right-wing' also. Sorry, but my memory is not so short. I remember growing up, seeing the May Day parades in Red Square every spring on television. Don't tell me that all that goosestepping, those mobile missile launchers, jets flying overhead, and all the banners and posters is not a 'militarism fetish'.

American conservatism is pro-liberty, pro-rule of law, and laissez-faire. It is not, and can never possibly be, anything but the very antithesis of everything totalitarians such as Hitler, Stalin and Mao stood for.

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