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Monday, May 02, 2005

Dan Drezner: Masochist

Via Pejman I found out that Daniel Drezner is guest blogging for Kevin Drum. He was welcomed with the famous civility of the Left with this comment:

Are you going to cover the car bombs issue? How about the issuance of artificial legs for Iraqi children? Any discussion about the number of dead Iraqis due to "liberation"?

And when are you enlisting? There is nothing so disgusting and nauseating as chicken hawk Repuke chicken shit cowards discussing how noble our war is. I hope many of your close relatives get a serious head injury."

On the Left, this counts as a 'serious discussion of the issues'. No wonder they keep losing at the polls.

Ken Says: I rewarded Daniel Drezner with a link on my blogroll for his efforts! I should have had him there already.

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